Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Using eggs incubators to ensure food security in africa

Poultry eggs incubators

We all know that africa faces multiple problems ranging from health challenges, economic huddles, insecurity and food shortage issues. We believe that these solutions to these problems should come from within africa and we should stop over relying on external help and grants from the western developed countries. We should realize that nothing comes for free and that the 'help' we get from outside comes at its own cost and we shall pay back in one way or the other, sooner or later.
Africa has been branded as the wealthiest continent in the world. It has vast deposits of minerals and a large area is occupied by fertile agricultural land.
The biggest challenge is exploitation and efficient usage of this resources. In the sector of farming, for example, many countries still rely on traditional methods of cultivation, irrigation, harvesting, marketing etc. These methods, as much as we love them, have a very low return on investment. We should start incorporating modern farming methods in order to ensure maximum output out of our investments. In the area of poultry farming, for instance, application of eggs incubators by poultry farmers can be a great way of establishing sustainable poultry farming projects.
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